Why can’t new swimsuits be worn directly?

Why can’t new swimsuits be worn directly?
Newly bought swimsuits can not be worn directly. I believe most women know that new swimsuits can’t be worn directly. They usually need to be washed and worn. However, why the newly bought swimsuits cannot be worn directly, maybe Many people only know that one does not know the other!

Let’s share the two reasons why the newly bought one piece swimsuit can’t be worn directly. Don’t wait to wear your favorite swimsuit for the first time! Also, don’t be tempted to lazy, just put the swimsuit that the swimsuit shop just bought back without wearing it!
First, why can’t the newly bought swimsuit be worn directly, but must be cleaned first?
1, health and hygiene

Swimsuits, such as intimate clothing, whether you buy it in a street vendor or in a regular brand swimwear store, you can’t wear it directly. Previously, Xiaobian shared an article about “Why is the newly bought swimsuit very heavy?”, which means that underwear is made in the process of production, packaging, inventory, transportation and sales. Because of the process requirements, it will do some whitening and prevention. Fading, keeping the cups crisp, etc., will do some anti-mite, anti-mild treatment, etc. during storage and transportation.

As we all know, these treatments usually use chemical additives such as formaldehyde resin, fluorescent whitening agent, insect repellent, disinfectant, etc., which are irritating to human skin, especially for women’s delicate and private skin, which can easily cause allergic reactions to the skin. Light skin is red and itchy, and severe rashes, and for people with sensitive skin, the stimulating effect of these chemicals will be more serious.

Therefore, for the sake of women’s health, I believe everyone can understand why the newly bought swimsuits can’t be worn directly, but the first thing to clean and then wear them!
2, color preservation

The newly purchased swimwear can be cleaned once to keep the bright colors of the swimsuit, and there are not many people who may know. The method is also very simple, that is, add some salt during the cleaning process. Because the salt has the functions of disinfection, sterilization, and anti-cotton fading, so before the swimsuit is worn, first mix it with water and a little salt and soak it for 15-20 minutes. This can not only play the role of washing and sterilization, but also keep it. The color of the swimsuit is bright and beautiful.
Second, how to wash the newly bought swimsuit?

You can first soak the swimsuit with warm water with a little edible salt for ten minutes, then clean it with water. Finally, use the swimsuit’s special detergent, gently rub it and clean it with water.

As for how to make a swimsuit, as long as it is not directly exposed to the sun, it is fine. Of course, do not dry the swimsuit.

In addition, if the newly purchased swimsuit has a musty smell, we can add two tablespoons of white vinegar and half a bag of milk in the water of the laundry tub, then soak the swimsuit in water for ten minutes, so that the musty smell on the swimsuit can be vinegar and The milk is eliminated. In fact, this method can also be used to deal with other clothes that have a musty smell for a long time!

Well, for the two reasons why the newly bought swimsuit can’t be worn directly, share it here. In general, we believes that no matter whether it is expensive swimwear or cheap swimwear, as long as it is a new swimwear, it can not be worn directly. One is to prevent skin allergies and inflammation, and the other is to keep the color of the swimsuit bright. Do you know one or know the other?

8 kinds of swimwear styles, how to choose the swimwear that suits you

8 kinds of swimwear styles, how to choose the swimwear that suits you
For girls, a swimwear is essential for swimming and watering. Whether you are in the open-air bathing beach or indoor swimming pool, wearing a beautiful and sexy bikini, you can enjoy the blue sky and blue sea. Running between the golden beaches, chasing the body of Tingting. Here’s the Brass Pavilion to share the girls’ 8 swimwear styles. How do you choose the swimwear that suits you?
1, flat-angle swimwear

For women who are unwilling to express themselves, the boxer swimsuit is a line of defense to ensure safety, but the shortcoming of the boxer swimsuit is that it will make you look short, so choose carefully. The beauty of the shoulders can be worn in four-corner briefs to balance the visual effect. Flat pants are also suitable for people with thinner thighs.

2, twill, high waist swimwear

The woman with a small belly, a twill and high-waist swimsuit style can be modified by attention.

3, with a skirt swimwear

For women with flat hips, choosing a swimsuit with a skirt on the lower body is very suitable, both to visually beautify the hip line and to express the beauty of the legs.

4, geometric patterns or swimwear with cute little skirts

Can also be a short-legged family, there is a beautiful swimwear show! Opening the high-kick swimwear will also make the legs look slender.

5, one-piece two-color mosaic swimwear

Can make the fatter female body look slimmer. Especially the two-color stitching style is very suitable for fat ladies to wear, the vertical arrangement of colors and the use of zippers can make people look taller. It is also suitable for women who are too short on the upper body.

6, split swimwear

Split-style swimsuits have always been the choice of fashionable girls, and women with good shape can choose. However, split swimwear is best for beaches and sun baths.

7, front open large V-neck one piece swimwear

If your chest is full and your waist and hips are too fat, you can choose a front-opening V-neck one-piece swimsuit that is more suitable for wearing. But when choosing, the pattern should not be too fancy, otherwise it will affect the overall effect.

8, solid color bikini

The solid color swimwear is a patent for women of good shape, a black or white bikini that will make you stand out on the beach. Usually a monochrome bikini-style swimsuit will have a lot of exposure on the back, if your back is beautiful.

European and American clothing size comparison table with swimsuit reference size

European and American clothing size comparison table with swimsuit reference size
Clothing size chart
This code table is suitable for clothing textile brand products, for reference only.
Depending on your height, bust and waistline, try on the size or size of the jacket or pants to facilitate the purchase of clothing. For example, if you are 160-165cm tall, it is recommended to try on the S code or M code jacket.
MEN Men’s Wear

Size 1/XXS 2/XS 3/S 4/M 5/L 6/XL
Height (cm) 155 160 165 170 175 180
Bust (cm) 76 80 84 88 92 96
Waist circumference (cm) 64 68 72 76 80 84

WOMEN Women’s Wear
Size 1/XXS 2/XS 3/S 4/M 5/L 6/XL 7/XXL
Height (cm) 150 155 160 165 170 175 180
Bust (cm) 76 80 84 88 92 96 100
Waist circumference (cm) 60 64 68 72 76 80 84

Children’s wear in JUNIOR
Size 130 140 150 160
Height (cm) 130 140 150 160
Bust (cm) 125-135 135-145 145-155 155-160
Waist circumference (cm) 61-67 64-72 70-78 76-84

Hiking shoes / casual shoes (US, Europe code change table)

MEN male section
European code 39 40 41 42 43 44 45
United States Code 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

WOMEN female section
European Code 36 37 38
US code 5.5 6 7

Sports sandals (US, Europe code change table)
WOMEN & JUNIOR female section and middle child section
US code 13 1 2 3 4 5 6
British code 12 13 1 2 3 4 5
European code 31 32 33 34 35 36 37

MEN male section
United States Code 6 7 8 9 10 11
British code 5 6 7 8 9 10
European code 39 40 41 42 43 44

MEN Men’s Swimwear
NIKKO selects size 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
23-24 25-26 27-29 30-32 33-34 35-36 37-38 39-40
59-62.5 63.5-67 68-75 76-83 84-88 89-93 94-98 99-102

WOMEN Women’s Swimwear
NIKKO selects the size 2 3 4 5 6
30-31 31.5-32.5 33-34 34.5-35.5 36-37
76-79 80-83 84-87 88-90 91-94

Clothes sold in the United States are often marked as “small”, “medium”, and “big”.

Small finger US size below 12
Middle finger 14 to 16, sometimes 12 size US size
Big finger 18 or above, sometimes 16 size American size

Small finger US size below 36
US refers to the size of the United States 36 to 38
Big finger 40th American size
Extra large refers to the US ruler above 40

1pieceswimwear.com teaches you how to choose a professional swimsuit size

1pieceswimwear.com teaches you how to choose a professional swimsuit size
The size of the swimsuit is usually slightly smaller than the size of ordinary clothes, especially for professional swimwear due to the elastic factor. Therefore, the choice of swimsuits usually choose the M and L codes. Slightly fatter to choose XL. The S code is very slim and thin, and XXL is used by Feng Xing. When purchasing swimwear, please refer to the height and other parameters indicated on the label before the size. In any case, if there are any conditions, it is recommended to try it before paying. Different manufacturers will have differences.
Provide a comparison of the size of the swimsuit for reference. Generally, European and American style bikini swimwear, such as SPEEDO, is a little bigger than that made in China. You need to pay special attention when purchasing.
Ladies swimwear size comparison table
Height model number
150-154 150-76A S
155-159 155-80A M
160-164 160-84A L
165-169 165-88A XL
170-174 170-92A XXL
Men’s swimming trunk size comparison table
Waist circumference number
62-68 S
68-74 M
74-80 L
80-86 XL
86-92 XXL
Pay special attention to the unit is CM.
Attached conversion: 1 foot = 33.33 cm, 1 inch = 3.33 cm
In addition, for women’s swimwear, you need to refer to the bust size. Although the plus size swimwear and the bust are basically corresponding, it is inevitable that some special body types are not suitable, so you should also pay attention to the bust size when purchasing.

What are the swimwear materials?

What are the swimwear materials?
Material introduction
Polyester (polyester fiber): nylon Nylon

It is a synthetic fiber made by chemical methods. The most common one is nylon Nylon, which is called nylon or nylon. Nylon fiber is the raw material of various man-made fibers. It was invented on February 28, 1935, and the inventor was Wilmington, USA. Wallace Carrolls of DuPont.

Spandex (elastic fiber): Lycra Lycra

Also known as spandex, it is an elastic fiber that was invented in 1959 by DuPont of the United States. It has strong elasticity, stretchability of up to 500%, and can return to the original, stronger than rubber, and more wear-resistant. In addition to the ultra-high elasticity and lightness, the swimsuit can resist the swimming pool. The bleaching agent, the chlorine in the disinfecting water, is damaged by the swimsuit, and is mildewproof and does not deform.

Polyester (polyester fiber)

Polyethylene terephthalate is a kind of resin commonly used in life. It has excellent toughness, tensile strength, impact strength and wear resistance. It can be woven into polyester fiber, and the finished product is called polyester.


Material common name
Tedo: 100% Polyester

Usually, the surface of the swimsuit is rough and the elasticity is relatively poor, but it is more suitable for hot springs. It is less prone to deformation and more resistant to wear.


Lycra: 80% Polyester + 20% Spandex

The surface feels very smooth, the elasticity is very good, it is very comfortable to wear, the body stretch does not affect, it is very suitable for swimming, but it is not suitable for hot springs for a long time, the swimsuit is more likely to be damaged.


There will be a piece of cloth inside the swimsuit, usually made of polyester material, that is, the piece of fabric that often sees skin color, black and white, usually marked with 100% Polyester, but this piece of cloth will be called polyester (land name) Material.


Final summary

Most of the swimwear materials use 80% nylon + 20 elastic fiber blending materials to make one piece swimwear. The higher the proportion of nylon, the more difficult the clothes are. Because the temperature of the water is hot, it is easy to loosen. It is suitable for hot springs. Nylon is also marked with polyester fiber, which is actually a kind of man-made fiber.


The higher the proportion of elastic fiber, the better the elasticity of the clothes, but sometimes the weave is also considered. The higher the elastic fiber, the more comfortable the clothes will feel. It is suitable for swimming pool and beach activities. Usually, elastic fiber will be used. The material of Lycra.


With the evolution of swimwear, there are also some metals and plastics to join, increasing the design of swimwear more, richer and more fashionable…


Because the recent food safety problems have emerged in an endless stream, is it safe for the Consumer Protection Association to implement the inspection of two piece swimwear products? Let consumers get more awareness and protection when choosing or using swimsuits.


Since the plus size swimwear is not only the outer material, but also the material of the cloth, the production process and the raw material source are not seen. For example, the MIT smile mark certification in Taiwan, the swimsuit is imported from raw materials, knitting method, pigment use, Chemical raw materials use specifications… must be strictly controlled at all levels to be labeled with the MIT Smile Mark certification label.


Because consumers only pick cheap, favorite styles, they don’t care about other details, they may buy swimsuits that are easy to fade, stain or embrittle… and so on, often buy home happily now. When you wear it, the swimsuit will be out of condition and will be defeated.


Therefore, in addition to paying attention to the place of production, you should also pay attention to the material labeling. The more clearly the material label is, the more you choose the suitable kids swimwear according to your favorite and use place, and choose the swimsuit with MIT smile mark certification. More peace of mind.

The role of swimsuits, are you all clear?

The role of swimsuits, are you all clear?
Why do you want to swim in a swimsuit and wear water? Ordinary clothes are not allowed. The clothes that are specially used for swimming are the best in swimming suits. You play and the ball suits. The appearance of swimsuits must have his reasons.
The role of swimsuit

1, swimming in the pool can protect the skin from chlorinated water;

2, can cover the privacy of the part to modify the shortcomings of their body;

3, wearing a bright color 1pieceswimwear, when you are in danger when swimming, it is easier to find a call for help;

4, can reduce the water resistance, let the body reduce the sense of restraint in the water.
Swimwear maintenance

When putting on a swimsuit

1. Avoid sitting on rough objects;

2. Avoid sun oil and sunscreen lotion on the swimsuit.
After swimming

1. Rinse the salt, sand, chloride, sun oil, sunscreen lotion and other corrosive substances on the swimsuit with water. Because the above substances will damage the swimsuit fibers, the color becomes dark, and the elasticity is de-elastic;

2. Do not wring out, roll into a dry towel, and absorb too much water.
After going home

1. Rinse immediately with lukewarm water, then use a mild detergent, do not use a washing machine or bleach.

2. Rinse the sediment of the swimsuit thoroughly;

3. Do not twist by hand, put the swimsuit on a dry towel, then start with the towel, let the towel absorb the moisture on the swimsuit, do not curl the wet swimsuit;

4. Dry in the shade, do not use a clothes dryer or iron;

5. Dry and put in a cool place.

How to choose a swimsuit? Swimsuit size selection method

How to choose a swimsuit? Swimsuit size selection method
The parts that need to be compared when choosing a swimsuit are quite diverse. The design, size, price, etc. need to carry out many elements of comparative thinking. How to screen them is really confusing. The following introduction will give women some advice before buying swimwear.
When choosing a swimsuit, the size is very important. If you choose the right size, you can enjoy the water activities with peace of mind. The hazards of different sizes will be introduced below.

When the size is too large

Swimsuit is easy to fall off in water
The fabric of the swimsuit is easy to rub, causing damage to the swimsuit.

Size is too small

Feel a strong sense of oppression and difficulty breathing
Swimsuit position is easy to run away

If you want to find a swimsuit that suits your size, you must measure the size of your measurements. The products that are generally sold on the market will have a note on the size of the measurements. You can find the suitable product according to the measurement results. In addition, when There is a difference in the size of the bust and hip circumference, whichever is larger. When the difference reaches two or more, the intermediate value is taken.
Swimsuit color selection method

The color of the swimsuits that are popular every year are different. Before buying a swimsuit, the most important thing is not the season, but the ability to grasp the characteristics of each color swimsuit and its advantages and disadvantages. The following sections will give you an explanation of the color schemes and characteristics of the main swimwear on the market, making it easier for you to grasp the skill of choosing the color of the swimsuit.
Black, dark
Black swimsuit

Black and dark swimsuits, when worn on the body, will give people a more slender illusion, because the dark color itself will make the visual contraction effect, and these swimsuits will also make people mature and stable. The feeling, although the swimsuit is a dark-colored product, it is easy to feel calm, but if you add elements such as dot stripes, bow ribbons, and ruffles, you can also produce cute and charming effects.
Black swimsuit recommended
White, bright color
White swimsuit

A white, bright-colored swimsuit is easy to feel clean and pure, but it is too close to the color of the skin, which may blur the boundary between the swimsuit and the skin. It seems to be too swelled, so when choosing a product, choose a stripe. The type of swimsuit and the pattern can improve the situation and make the figure look slim.
White swimsuit recommended
Other color system
Red swimsuit

The red, blue and other color swimsuits are quite gorgeous and conspicuous. Because these products are prone to childish feelings, special attention should be paid to the selection of these colors.
Red swimsuit recommended blue swimsuit recommended
Buy swimsuit recommended method

Among the swimwear wear products, there are many products that can modify the body shape. If you are concerned about some parts of your body, you can choose to purchase these products to enhance the visual effect. The following are recommended ways to buy a swimsuit that can modify the figure.
Adjusting the chest shape swimsuit
Ruffled swimsuit

For those who are less confident in their chest fullness, you can refer to the swimsuits with bow ribbons, ruffles or flowers for decoration. The swimsuits are equipped with many such products, which are the focus of attention. Will be transferred to these patterns, the chest fullness or not will not be noticed, in addition, if the bikini is fixed and the chest line is highlighted, these decorations can complement the whole and look better.
Ruffled swimsuit recommended
a swimsuit that is too full-bodied
Steel ring bikini

Those who have a full bust are recommended to buy a swimsuit, which is mainly a sling-type or a strap-type product, or a bikini that is completely surrounded by the fabric and allows the chest curve to be displayed. To select a product with a steel ring, you must find a product of the right size in terms of size selection, otherwise it may cause the distortion of the chest shape and the collapse of the curve.
Steel ring bikini recommended
Sculpture waist and belly curve swimsuit
1 piece swimwear

The most basic style of a swimsuit that can cover the abdomen is a one-piece swimsuit. However, choosing a one-piece swimsuit that is too tailored will highlight the individual’s body curve, so it cannot be said to be the most suitable choice. Among all the swimwear types, there is a swimsuit called overalls that can solve this problem. The overalls style swimwear is different from the one-piece swimsuit, except that it can show the curve from the waistline to the lower chest line. In addition, it is also possible to completely cover up around the abdomen, which is the best choice for those who have such a need.
One-piece swimsuit recommended
Hip-shaped swimsuit
Skirt swimsuit

Choosing a dark-colored swimsuit for covering can improve this phenomenon. Trying not to choose a product with a pattern is also a key point. If there are too many patterns on the swimsuit, some positions will be very conspicuous if they are slightly inflated, for the lower body. Very minded people, when purchasing swimwear should be based on simple background products, or you can use the swimsuit to cover the yarn, the swimsuit can cover a considerable area, abdominal, buttocks, thighs, etc. All the minded parts can be completely covered, not only in a very simple way (tied on the waist), but also in a variety of designs and designs. It is suitable for wearing a swimsuit and matching parts. .
Skirt swimsuit recommended
Bathing suit with arms
Long sleeve swimsuit

Choose a swimsuit with a large neckline to expose the skin of the chest, which can make the arms less noticeable. You can also choose the swimsuit of the sling series, which has the same effect. This method is to use a large amount of exposed chest skin to make the double The way the arm is not obvious. However, it should be noted that if you choose a product with a thin shoulder strap, it may cause counter-effects and make your arms more conspicuous. Therefore, the scale of the pinch will be the focus of this method.

How to choose a swimwear, cleaning and maintenance of swimwear

How to choose a swimwear, cleaning and maintenance of swimwear
When women wear two kinds of clothing, they are most likely to attract the attention of the opposite sex. One is evening wear, the other is a swimsuit. Indeed, these two kinds of clothing are the most representative of women’s beauty.
Evening dresses bring out the gorgeous and feminine side of women.

And the swimsuit outlines the female

Sexual fresh bodybuilding. The popular swimwear can be roughly divided into the following three types:

Split type: Two-piece refers to a separate suit and trousers, bikini and general two-piece, bikini

The three-point type is characterized by very little material. There is no denying that the three-point swimsuit is the most attractive eye if you

With an impressive figure and absolute confidence, this style of swimwear can be the first choice.

◆Siamese style: One piece swimwear has shoulder straps and cylinders, as well as Chinese-style collar design. Shoulder straps such as vests

The swimsuit is very traditional and is the most popular style. In fact, the shoulder-strap swimsuit is ordinary, but it changes through the shoulder strap.

Or can still find a special point, such as a single shoulder that has been popular abroad in previous years. Another deep chest

And the wrap-around swimsuit is the best decoration for the narrow and wide body. Moreover, add a unique circle on the bust line.

Modification can make the body shape more perfect.

◆ Cartridge: The tubular swimsuit looks more chic. Its body is tubular, with slings, and some slings can be removed.

This swimsuit can reduce the transparency of the chest and hips, and the high cut bottom edge can make the legs look longer.

Anyway, the current swimwear is diverse and tends to develop in fashion styles.

※How to choose swimsuit considerations

When purchasing, you can touch it with your hand, or refer to the ingredient content table of the reference data to see what the information is. Good swimsuit fabric is soft,


The texture of the fabric is relatively dense.

Finely cut,

Sewing is made of elastic threads.

There will be no line breakage due to activity.

When trying on, it is based on the principle of body and comfort. It is too easy to take water, which increases the resistance of the body and the water. If it is too small, it is easy to give.

Limbs are formed in the limbs, causing poor blood flow. In terms of price, the content of spandex is


More than half of the water jacket is relatively expensive,

The mid-range is around 100 yuan, and the high-end is around 300 yuan.

※Yintian swimwear has to pay attention to hygiene

Before the beauty enters the water, the swimsuit should be wet with water.

Let the swimsuit suck into the water,

This will avoid chemicals in the pool or

The minerals in the seawater are received by the swimsuit and destroy the swimsuit.

Put on your swimsuit and apply sunscreen. After the end of swimming, you should rinse your body and take off your swimsuit.

If time is not allowed, also use a clear water to cast a swimsuit.

Immediately after returning home, dispose of it as described above.

★When wearing a swimsuit

◆ Avoid sitting on rough objects;

◆ Avoid sun oil and sunscreen lotion on the swimsuit.

★ after swimming

◆ Rinse the salt powder, sand, chloride, sun oil, sunscreen lotion and other corrosive substances on the swimsuit with water. because

For the above substances, the swimsuit fibers are damaged, the color becomes dark, and the elasticity is de-elastic;

◆Do not wring out, roll into a dry towel, and absorb too much water.

★ after going home

◆ Immediately wash with lukewarm water, use mild detergent, do not use washing machine and bleach

◆ Rinse thoroughly;

◆Do not twist by hand.

Put the swimsuit on a dry towel,

Then start with the towel,

Let the towel absorb the moisture from the swimsuit.

do not

Curing the wet swimsuit;

◆ dry, do not use clothes dryer or iron;

◆ After drying, put it in a cool place.

How to maintain the swimwear

How to maintain the swimsuit
Swimwear, like fashion, requires careful maintenance to extend the life of the wearer. The first thing that is indispensable is the correct maintenance knowledge:
The salt in the sea, the chlorine in the pool, chemicals and oil can damage the elasticity of the swimsuit. When using sunscreen, you should wear a swimsuit and apply sunscreen. Before launching, you should first wet the swimsuit with water to reduce the degree of damage. You should also rinse your body and take off your swimsuit.
Keep wet swimsuits in the bag for a long time, so as not to heat up the fading or odor. Wash them with water and wash them with water. Then use a towel to dry the water and let it dry in the light and not in direct sunlight.
Do not use washing machine for washing, dehydration or sun exposure, and do not use the dryer to avoid damage to the material and cause deformation.
Washing powder, bleach will destroy the elasticity of the swimsuit and should be absolutely avoided.
Avoid rubbing the swimsuit on rough rocks, which can damage the life of the swimsuit.
Note: wearing a swimwear to soak in the hot springs or triple warm, the sulfur content and high temperature in the hot springs easily damage the elastic tissue of the swimsuit, so that the life of the swimsuit is shortened.