8 kinds of swimwear styles, how to choose the swimwear that suits you

8 kinds of swimwear styles, how to choose the swimwear that suits you
For girls, a swimwear is essential for swimming and watering. Whether you are in the open-air bathing beach or indoor swimming pool, wearing a beautiful and sexy bikini, you can enjoy the blue sky and blue sea. Running between the golden beaches, chasing the body of Tingting. Here’s the Brass Pavilion to share the girls’ 8 swimwear styles. How do you choose the swimwear that suits you?
1, flat-angle swimwear

For women who are unwilling to express themselves, the boxer swimsuit is a line of defense to ensure safety, but the shortcoming of the boxer swimsuit is that it will make you look short, so choose carefully. The beauty of the shoulders can be worn in four-corner briefs to balance the visual effect. Flat pants are also suitable for people with thinner thighs.

2, twill, high waist swimwear

The woman with a small belly, a twill and high-waist swimsuit style can be modified by attention.

3, with a skirt swimwear

For women with flat hips, choosing a swimsuit with a skirt on the lower body is very suitable, both to visually beautify the hip line and to express the beauty of the legs.

4, geometric patterns or swimwear with cute little skirts

Can also be a short-legged family, there is a beautiful swimwear show! Opening the high-kick swimwear will also make the legs look slender.

5, one-piece two-color mosaic swimwear

Can make the fatter female body look slimmer. Especially the two-color stitching style is very suitable for fat ladies to wear, the vertical arrangement of colors and the use of zippers can make people look taller. It is also suitable for women who are too short on the upper body.

6, split swimwear

Split-style swimsuits have always been the choice of fashionable girls, and women with good shape can choose. However, split swimwear is best for beaches and sun baths.

7, front open large V-neck one piece swimwear

If your chest is full and your waist and hips are too fat, you can choose a front-opening V-neck one-piece swimsuit that is more suitable for wearing. But when choosing, the pattern should not be too fancy, otherwise it will affect the overall effect.

8, solid color bikini

The solid color swimwear is a patent for women of good shape, a black or white bikini that will make you stand out on the beach. Usually a monochrome bikini-style swimsuit will have a lot of exposure on the back, if your back is beautiful.