How to choose a swimsuit? Swimsuit size selection method

How to choose a swimsuit? Swimsuit size selection method
The parts that need to be compared when choosing a swimsuit are quite diverse. The design, size, price, etc. need to carry out many elements of comparative thinking. How to screen them is really confusing. The following introduction will give women some advice before buying swimwear.
When choosing a swimsuit, the size is very important. If you choose the right size, you can enjoy the water activities with peace of mind. The hazards of different sizes will be introduced below.

When the size is too large

Swimsuit is easy to fall off in water
The fabric of the swimsuit is easy to rub, causing damage to the swimsuit.

Size is too small

Feel a strong sense of oppression and difficulty breathing
Swimsuit position is easy to run away

If you want to find a swimsuit that suits your size, you must measure the size of your measurements. The products that are generally sold on the market will have a note on the size of the measurements. You can find the suitable product according to the measurement results. In addition, when There is a difference in the size of the bust and hip circumference, whichever is larger. When the difference reaches two or more, the intermediate value is taken.
Swimsuit color selection method

The color of the swimsuits that are popular every year are different. Before buying a swimsuit, the most important thing is not the season, but the ability to grasp the characteristics of each color swimsuit and its advantages and disadvantages. The following sections will give you an explanation of the color schemes and characteristics of the main swimwear on the market, making it easier for you to grasp the skill of choosing the color of the swimsuit.
Black, dark
Black swimsuit

Black and dark swimsuits, when worn on the body, will give people a more slender illusion, because the dark color itself will make the visual contraction effect, and these swimsuits will also make people mature and stable. The feeling, although the swimsuit is a dark-colored product, it is easy to feel calm, but if you add elements such as dot stripes, bow ribbons, and ruffles, you can also produce cute and charming effects.
Black swimsuit recommended
White, bright color
White swimsuit

A white, bright-colored swimsuit is easy to feel clean and pure, but it is too close to the color of the skin, which may blur the boundary between the swimsuit and the skin. It seems to be too swelled, so when choosing a product, choose a stripe. The type of swimsuit and the pattern can improve the situation and make the figure look slim.
White swimsuit recommended
Other color system
Red swimsuit

The red, blue and other color swimsuits are quite gorgeous and conspicuous. Because these products are prone to childish feelings, special attention should be paid to the selection of these colors.
Red swimsuit recommended blue swimsuit recommended
Buy swimsuit recommended method

Among the swimwear wear products, there are many products that can modify the body shape. If you are concerned about some parts of your body, you can choose to purchase these products to enhance the visual effect. The following are recommended ways to buy a swimsuit that can modify the figure.
Adjusting the chest shape swimsuit
Ruffled swimsuit

For those who are less confident in their chest fullness, you can refer to the swimsuits with bow ribbons, ruffles or flowers for decoration. The swimsuits are equipped with many such products, which are the focus of attention. Will be transferred to these patterns, the chest fullness or not will not be noticed, in addition, if the bikini is fixed and the chest line is highlighted, these decorations can complement the whole and look better.
Ruffled swimsuit recommended
a swimsuit that is too full-bodied
Steel ring bikini

Those who have a full bust are recommended to buy a swimsuit, which is mainly a sling-type or a strap-type product, or a bikini that is completely surrounded by the fabric and allows the chest curve to be displayed. To select a product with a steel ring, you must find a product of the right size in terms of size selection, otherwise it may cause the distortion of the chest shape and the collapse of the curve.
Steel ring bikini recommended
Sculpture waist and belly curve swimsuit
1 piece swimwear

The most basic style of a swimsuit that can cover the abdomen is a one-piece swimsuit. However, choosing a one-piece swimsuit that is too tailored will highlight the individual’s body curve, so it cannot be said to be the most suitable choice. Among all the swimwear types, there is a swimsuit called overalls that can solve this problem. The overalls style swimwear is different from the one-piece swimsuit, except that it can show the curve from the waistline to the lower chest line. In addition, it is also possible to completely cover up around the abdomen, which is the best choice for those who have such a need.
One-piece swimsuit recommended
Hip-shaped swimsuit
Skirt swimsuit

Choosing a dark-colored swimsuit for covering can improve this phenomenon. Trying not to choose a product with a pattern is also a key point. If there are too many patterns on the swimsuit, some positions will be very conspicuous if they are slightly inflated, for the lower body. Very minded people, when purchasing swimwear should be based on simple background products, or you can use the swimsuit to cover the yarn, the swimsuit can cover a considerable area, abdominal, buttocks, thighs, etc. All the minded parts can be completely covered, not only in a very simple way (tied on the waist), but also in a variety of designs and designs. It is suitable for wearing a swimsuit and matching parts. .
Skirt swimsuit recommended
Bathing suit with arms
Long sleeve swimsuit

Choose a swimsuit with a large neckline to expose the skin of the chest, which can make the arms less noticeable. You can also choose the swimsuit of the sling series, which has the same effect. This method is to use a large amount of exposed chest skin to make the double The way the arm is not obvious. However, it should be noted that if you choose a product with a thin shoulder strap, it may cause counter-effects and make your arms more conspicuous. Therefore, the scale of the pinch will be the focus of this method.