How to choose a swimwear, cleaning and maintenance of swimwear

How to choose a swimwear, cleaning and maintenance of swimwear
When women wear two kinds of clothing, they are most likely to attract the attention of the opposite sex. One is evening wear, the other is a swimsuit. Indeed, these two kinds of clothing are the most representative of women’s beauty.
Evening dresses bring out the gorgeous and feminine side of women.

And the swimsuit outlines the female

Sexual fresh bodybuilding. The popular swimwear can be roughly divided into the following three types:

Split type: Two-piece refers to a separate suit and trousers, bikini and general two-piece, bikini

The three-point type is characterized by very little material. There is no denying that the three-point swimsuit is the most attractive eye if you

With an impressive figure and absolute confidence, this style of swimwear can be the first choice.

◆Siamese style: One piece swimwear has shoulder straps and cylinders, as well as Chinese-style collar design. Shoulder straps such as vests

The swimsuit is very traditional and is the most popular style. In fact, the shoulder-strap swimsuit is ordinary, but it changes through the shoulder strap.

Or can still find a special point, such as a single shoulder that has been popular abroad in previous years. Another deep chest

And the wrap-around swimsuit is the best decoration for the narrow and wide body. Moreover, add a unique circle on the bust line.

Modification can make the body shape more perfect.

◆ Cartridge: The tubular swimsuit looks more chic. Its body is tubular, with slings, and some slings can be removed.

This swimsuit can reduce the transparency of the chest and hips, and the high cut bottom edge can make the legs look longer.

Anyway, the current swimwear is diverse and tends to develop in fashion styles.

※How to choose swimsuit considerations

When purchasing, you can touch it with your hand, or refer to the ingredient content table of the reference data to see what the information is. Good swimsuit fabric is soft,


The texture of the fabric is relatively dense.

Finely cut,

Sewing is made of elastic threads.

There will be no line breakage due to activity.

When trying on, it is based on the principle of body and comfort. It is too easy to take water, which increases the resistance of the body and the water. If it is too small, it is easy to give.

Limbs are formed in the limbs, causing poor blood flow. In terms of price, the content of spandex is


More than half of the water jacket is relatively expensive,

The mid-range is around 100 yuan, and the high-end is around 300 yuan.

※Yintian swimwear has to pay attention to hygiene

Before the beauty enters the water, the swimsuit should be wet with water.

Let the swimsuit suck into the water,

This will avoid chemicals in the pool or

The minerals in the seawater are received by the swimsuit and destroy the swimsuit.

Put on your swimsuit and apply sunscreen. After the end of swimming, you should rinse your body and take off your swimsuit.

If time is not allowed, also use a clear water to cast a swimsuit.

Immediately after returning home, dispose of it as described above.

★When wearing a swimsuit

◆ Avoid sitting on rough objects;

◆ Avoid sun oil and sunscreen lotion on the swimsuit.

★ after swimming

◆ Rinse the salt powder, sand, chloride, sun oil, sunscreen lotion and other corrosive substances on the swimsuit with water. because

For the above substances, the swimsuit fibers are damaged, the color becomes dark, and the elasticity is de-elastic;

◆Do not wring out, roll into a dry towel, and absorb too much water.

★ after going home

◆ Immediately wash with lukewarm water, use mild detergent, do not use washing machine and bleach

◆ Rinse thoroughly;

◆Do not twist by hand.

Put the swimsuit on a dry towel,

Then start with the towel,

Let the towel absorb the moisture from the swimsuit.

do not

Curing the wet swimsuit;

◆ dry, do not use clothes dryer or iron;

◆ After drying, put it in a cool place.