How to maintain the swimwear

How to maintain the swimsuit
Swimwear, like fashion, requires careful maintenance to extend the life of the wearer. The first thing that is indispensable is the correct maintenance knowledge:
The salt in the sea, the chlorine in the pool, chemicals and oil can damage the elasticity of the swimsuit. When using sunscreen, you should wear a swimsuit and apply sunscreen. Before launching, you should first wet the swimsuit with water to reduce the degree of damage. You should also rinse your body and take off your swimsuit.
Keep wet swimsuits in the bag for a long time, so as not to heat up the fading or odor. Wash them with water and wash them with water. Then use a towel to dry the water and let it dry in the light and not in direct sunlight.
Do not use washing machine for washing, dehydration or sun exposure, and do not use the dryer to avoid damage to the material and cause deformation.
Washing powder, bleach will destroy the elasticity of the swimsuit and should be absolutely avoided.
Avoid rubbing the swimsuit on rough rocks, which can damage the life of the swimsuit.
Note: wearing a swimwear to soak in the hot springs or triple warm, the sulfur content and high temperature in the hot springs easily damage the elastic tissue of the swimsuit, so that the life of the swimsuit is shortened.