1pieceswimwear.com teaches you how to choose a professional swimsuit size

1pieceswimwear.com teaches you how to choose a professional swimsuit size
The size of the swimsuit is usually slightly smaller than the size of ordinary clothes, especially for professional swimwear due to the elastic factor. Therefore, the choice of swimsuits usually choose the M and L codes. Slightly fatter to choose XL. The S code is very slim and thin, and XXL is used by Feng Xing. When purchasing swimwear, please refer to the height and other parameters indicated on the label before the size. In any case, if there are any conditions, it is recommended to try it before paying. Different manufacturers will have differences.
Provide a comparison of the size of the swimsuit for reference. Generally, European and American style bikini swimwear, such as SPEEDO, is a little bigger than that made in China. You need to pay special attention when purchasing.
Ladies swimwear size comparison table
Height model number
150-154 150-76A S
155-159 155-80A M
160-164 160-84A L
165-169 165-88A XL
170-174 170-92A XXL
Men’s swimming trunk size comparison table
Waist circumference number
62-68 S
68-74 M
74-80 L
80-86 XL
86-92 XXL
Pay special attention to the unit is CM.
Attached conversion: 1 foot = 33.33 cm, 1 inch = 3.33 cm
In addition, for women’s swimwear, you need to refer to the bust size. Although the plus size swimwear and the bust are basically corresponding, it is inevitable that some special body types are not suitable, so you should also pay attention to the bust size when purchasing.