The role of swimsuits, are you all clear?

The role of swimsuits, are you all clear?
Why do you want to swim in a swimsuit and wear water? Ordinary clothes are not allowed. The clothes that are specially used for swimming are the best in swimming suits. You play and the ball suits. The appearance of swimsuits must have his reasons.
The role of swimsuit

1, swimming in the pool can protect the skin from chlorinated water;

2, can cover the privacy of the part to modify the shortcomings of their body;

3, wearing a bright color 1pieceswimwear, when you are in danger when swimming, it is easier to find a call for help;

4, can reduce the water resistance, let the body reduce the sense of restraint in the water.
Swimwear maintenance

When putting on a swimsuit

1. Avoid sitting on rough objects;

2. Avoid sun oil and sunscreen lotion on the swimsuit.
After swimming

1. Rinse the salt, sand, chloride, sun oil, sunscreen lotion and other corrosive substances on the swimsuit with water. Because the above substances will damage the swimsuit fibers, the color becomes dark, and the elasticity is de-elastic;

2. Do not wring out, roll into a dry towel, and absorb too much water.
After going home

1. Rinse immediately with lukewarm water, then use a mild detergent, do not use a washing machine or bleach.

2. Rinse the sediment of the swimsuit thoroughly;

3. Do not twist by hand, put the swimsuit on a dry towel, then start with the towel, let the towel absorb the moisture on the swimsuit, do not curl the wet swimsuit;

4. Dry in the shade, do not use a clothes dryer or iron;

5. Dry and put in a cool place.