What are the swimwear materials?

What are the swimwear materials?
Material introduction
Polyester (polyester fiber): nylon Nylon

It is a synthetic fiber made by chemical methods. The most common one is nylon Nylon, which is called nylon or nylon. Nylon fiber is the raw material of various man-made fibers. It was invented on February 28, 1935, and the inventor was Wilmington, USA. Wallace Carrolls of DuPont.

Spandex (elastic fiber): Lycra Lycra

Also known as spandex, it is an elastic fiber that was invented in 1959 by DuPont of the United States. It has strong elasticity, stretchability of up to 500%, and can return to the original, stronger than rubber, and more wear-resistant. In addition to the ultra-high elasticity and lightness, the swimsuit can resist the swimming pool. The bleaching agent, the chlorine in the disinfecting water, is damaged by the swimsuit, and is mildewproof and does not deform.

Polyester (polyester fiber)

Polyethylene terephthalate is a kind of resin commonly used in life. It has excellent toughness, tensile strength, impact strength and wear resistance. It can be woven into polyester fiber, and the finished product is called polyester.


Material common name
Tedo: 100% Polyester

Usually, the surface of the swimsuit is rough and the elasticity is relatively poor, but it is more suitable for hot springs. It is less prone to deformation and more resistant to wear.


Lycra: 80% Polyester + 20% Spandex

The surface feels very smooth, the elasticity is very good, it is very comfortable to wear, the body stretch does not affect, it is very suitable for swimming, but it is not suitable for hot springs for a long time, the swimsuit is more likely to be damaged.


There will be a piece of cloth inside the swimsuit, usually made of polyester material, that is, the piece of fabric that often sees skin color, black and white, usually marked with 100% Polyester, but this piece of cloth will be called polyester (land name) Material.


Final summary

Most of the swimwear materials use 80% nylon + 20 elastic fiber blending materials to make one piece swimwear. The higher the proportion of nylon, the more difficult the clothes are. Because the temperature of the water is hot, it is easy to loosen. It is suitable for hot springs. Nylon is also marked with polyester fiber, which is actually a kind of man-made fiber.


The higher the proportion of elastic fiber, the better the elasticity of the clothes, but sometimes the weave is also considered. The higher the elastic fiber, the more comfortable the clothes will feel. It is suitable for swimming pool and beach activities. Usually, elastic fiber will be used. The material of Lycra.


With the evolution of swimwear, there are also some metals and plastics to join, increasing the design of swimwear more, richer and more fashionable…


Because the recent food safety problems have emerged in an endless stream, is it safe for the Consumer Protection Association to implement the inspection of two piece swimwear products? Let consumers get more awareness and protection when choosing or using swimsuits.


Since the plus size swimwear is not only the outer material, but also the material of the cloth, the production process and the raw material source are not seen. For example, the MIT smile mark certification in Taiwan, the swimsuit is imported from raw materials, knitting method, pigment use, Chemical raw materials use specifications… must be strictly controlled at all levels to be labeled with the MIT Smile Mark certification label.


Because consumers only pick cheap, favorite styles, they don’t care about other details, they may buy swimsuits that are easy to fade, stain or embrittle… and so on, often buy home happily now. When you wear it, the swimsuit will be out of condition and will be defeated.


Therefore, in addition to paying attention to the place of production, you should also pay attention to the material labeling. The more clearly the material label is, the more you choose the suitable kids swimwear according to your favorite and use place, and choose the swimsuit with MIT smile mark certification. More peace of mind.